Halloween Edible Art Projects


Halloween S'mores

Our edible art Hallowen projects are both spooky and sweet! We took kid-friendly foods and mixed them with printables, crazy ideas and a whole lot of fun!

Reese's Chocolate Bat Cookies
Reese's Chocolate Bat Cookies
You don't have to wait until dark to enjoy these Reese's Chocolate Bat Cookies. Everyone's favorite peanut butter cup sits atop homemade chocolate cookie for some sweet 'n spooky fun. The decoration is simple enough that even young chefs can easily master it.  
Sugar Skull Sugar Cookies
Dia de los Muertos is more sweet than scary - and Sugar Skulls have been a part of the celebration for centuries. These Sugar Skull Sugar Cookies are simpler and faster to make than the traditional sugar molds. 
Spooky Frankenstein Pudding Cups
Frankenstein Pudding Cups
These ghoulishly green Frankenstein Pudding Cups will be the talk of your Halloween party. Give homemade vanilla pudding a green twist and draw Frankie's face on plastic cocktail glasses.
Ghost and Pumpkin Gelatin Cups

Ghost and Pumpkin Gelatin Cups

Homemade orange and coconut gelatin cups are transformed into adorable ghosts and pumpkins with nothing more than a dry erase marker. These cute snacks will be the hit of your Halloween party.

Marshmallow Ghost Kebabs
Marshmallow Ghost Kebabs
These not-so-scary Marshmallow Ghost Kebabs are a sweet snack for little ones to make and eat. Choose your favorite fruits and thread onto skewers with marshmallow ghosts. 
White Hot Chocolate with Vampire's Blood

Vampire's Blood White Hot Chocolate Dripping and delicious, this White Hot Chocolate with Vampire's Blood is as fun to make as it is to drink! Create "oooohs" and "ahhhhs" at your next Halloween function. Do your guests dare to have a sip? 


Halloween S'mores


Fun, spooky treats that are great as a teacher gift or party favor! What do you get when you take a homemade marshmallow, cut it in a pumpkin shape and then smoosh between graham crackers and melty chocolate? Halloween S'mores! 


Spooky White Chocolate Pretzel Eyeballs

White Chocolate Pretzel Eyeballs

All eyes will be on you when you serve these Spooky White Chocolate Pretzel Eyeballs at your next Halloween party! These eyes seem to follow you around the room - just waiting to be eaten! Sweet and salty, these treats please everyone - you'll "see!" 


Not So Scary Spider Cookies

These creepy crawlies won't scare you - but they might make you smille! Not So Spooky Spider Cookies are rich chocolate cookies rolled in chocolate sprinkles with pretzel legs complete with candy eyeballs. 


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