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Fun Kid’s Projects
Indian Corn on the Cob Cookies
Indian Corn CookiesMulti-colored Indian Corn is a fall favorite for its color and ornamental value. And while these Indian Corn on the Cob Cookies may look the real thing, they taste so much sweeter! 

Looking for a creative Thanksgiving school party activity?  Bake a batch of these beforehand and bring everything to the classroom. Set up a station at each table and let the kids decorate away.

We guarantee the kids will stay occupied (and happy) making these colorful treats.

Watch how to make these Indian Corn Cookies on our You Tube Channel!



  1. Make cookies according to recipe and cut into a corn cob shape.
  2. Cover the cookies with frosting.
  3. Add orange, yellow and brown Reece’s Pieces candies for the corn.
  4. Cut three pieces of raffia for the husks.
  5. Place the cookie in the middle of the 3 husks and tie bottom together with a ribbon.
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