Thanksgiving Activity Pages


Here's a fun idea designed to burn off some extra energy while the Thanksgiving meal is being prepared.

Print out several copies of our Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt activity sheet and divide everyone into teams.  Start a timer and tell everyone to go! First team back with all the items checked off their list gets a "get out of dish duty" pass.

You can run with the list as is, or add your own items to the bottom that are specific to your house and/or neighborhood.


Thanksgiving Bingo


Too cold to go outside for a scavenger hunt? Try this Thanksgiving Bingo game instead. Print out the calling cards and 6 different bingo board games and use beans, buttons or coins as your markers.

Because this is a picture-based bingo game, little ones can play too. All they have to do is match the calling card to the square on their board. You can choose from lots of different bingo patterns (examples at the bottom of the calling card page) to make it as hard or easy as you want.


Our Thanksgiving Word Search Placemat does double duty. You can print it out and use it just as a Thanksgiving word search activity sheet or use it at the kid's table to keep them occupied while dinner is being dished up. Great classroom party activity too.



Thanksgiving Find the Difference

There are seven differences between these turkeys. Can you find them all?

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