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Candy Cane Gift Tags

Candy Canes are a quintessential Christmas treat. Print these downloadable candy cane gift tags to personalize your candy canes and make them perfect for gift giving.

You'll need a color printer, white paper (card stock works best), permanent marker, scissors or hole punch, ribbon or string, and candy canes. For all designs, print the full sheet and cut out all pieces along the outside line of the designs.

Write your message on the printable. Punch a hole in the center of the printable approximately the size of the candy cane. Punch two smaller holes on each end of the printable (where the crossmarks are). These are the holes that the ribbon will go through. Fold the print out along each of the dotted lines. Push the printable up the candy cane. String the ribbon through the holes and tie the ribbon in a bow to secure the printable.

Classic Candy Cane Tag
Have a Sweet Holiday Candy Cane Tag Have a Sweet Holiday Candy Cane Tag
Have a Sweet Holiday Candy Cane Tag - Purple  


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