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Fun Kid’s Projects
Valentine’s Printables

Hot Cocoa Can Cover

Tell your loved one how you feel with this "I'm Cocoa for You" homemade tin.  Just print, fill and present!

First, start with a sealable container or empty coffe can with a lid. Next, print this I'm Cocoa for You label on a color printer. (A full-sized sticker works best, but white paper will work as well.) Fill in the TO: and FROM: section of the label and then attach it to your canister.

Fill the canister with store-bought hot cocoa mix or whip up a batch of our Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix or Hot Cocoa Truffle Starters. Attach a small index card with instructions and tie to the canister with a ribbon or string.

Present your gift with a small bag of store-bought marshmallows, or you could even make a batch of our Corn-Syrup Free Homemade Marshmallows for an added special touch.

Valentine's Treat Boxes

Buying individual candy treats for classmates and officemates can get expensive. With these adorable 2-inch square Valentine's treat boxes you can buy candy in bulk and share in a less expensive and more personal way. 

Start by printing this Valentine's Treat Box on a white cardstock and follow the enclosed instructions on how to cut, fold and tape the box.  Then fill with conversation hearts or chocolate kisses and get ready to make someone smile.

Handmade Valentine’s Card
Handmade Valentine’s Card

Store bought cards can be so generic, that’s why we had our designers create something special just for you.

First download and print this Valentine’s card. Then fold in half, and half again, then trim off the white around the side and top and you’ll have a sweet little Valentine’s card not available in any store!


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