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Fun Kid’s Projects
Personalized Turkey Place Card

These Personalized Turkey Place Cards are both cute and sweet. You'll need the heaviest paper your printer can handle, scissors, colored pencils, a black marker and small brass fasteners.

Print the template and give to the kids to color. Cut out each piece and then write each guest's name on the turkey's body and single words that describe them on each of the five tail feathers.  Punch a hole where indicated and attach tail feathers.

Blessings Jar Label
This might just be the easiest, most meaningful craft you make all holiday season long! Help your family create a Blessings Jar this Thanksgiving - a tangible way to count their blessings with this sweet craft project. Download the label for the jar here. 
Thanksgiving Gift Cards

Bringing a hostess gift to your Thanksgiving celebration? Print these downloadable Thanksgiving gift tags to personalize your gift and add a bit of stylish flair to your present. You’ll need a color printer, white paper (card stock works best), scissors, ribbon, string or raffia and double sided tape.

Print the full sheet and cut out all pieces along the outside line of the designs. To assemble the circle-shaped Thanksgiving gift cards, layer the smaller circle on top of the larger circle and secure with double sided tape.
Layered Thanksgiving Gift Card Print the full sheet and cut out all pieces along the outside line of the designs. For the scalloped Thanksgiving gift tags, layer the designed tag on top of the solid color tag and secure with double sided tape. With both tags, punch a hole in the top and attach to your gift with a ribbon, string or raffia.


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