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Cookie Cutter Tree Wreath
Cookie Cutter Tree WreathT
Here's a quick and easy decoration or gift for your rushed holiday season! This cookie cutter wreath is such a cute gift or decoration and takes less than 15 minutes to make. Kids can make this on their own with minimal supervision. You can create whatever shape you like. Bells, holly leaves, wreathes, Snowflakes. The possibilities are endless.
Neighbors, friends, teachers, family - it doesn't matter who it is: everyone appreciates a homemade gift from the heart. Take some time out this holiday to do an activity together - this one is the perfect choice! 


  • glue
  • ribbons
  • 10 tree shape cookie cutters


  1. Arrange your cookie cutters to make the desired shape. To make the tree, start with the top of the tree, and then tie two cutters underneath. Continue until you have used all of your cutters.
  2. Tie a piece of ribbon to the top of the wreath for hanging.


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