Easter Crafts
Easter Sugar Crafts

We've gathered some of our favorite Easter craft ideas for you to share and create with your little ones. Make some memories and have some good, clean fun while celebrating this special holiday.

Yarn Easter Eggs and String Baskets
Balloon string Easter Basket

Learn how to make your own Yarn Easter Basket and Sugar String Eggs. All you need is a little string, balloons, water and sugar. Make this an annual tradition with your family. 

Easter Carrot Pinata
Easter Carrot Pinata
Making a piñata is an exciting craft from start to finish. What's the finish? Cracking it open and seeing what’s hidden inside, of course! Our Easter Carrot Pinata is for an Easter celebration, but the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
Sugar Decorated Easter Eggs

Make your eggs sparkle for the Easter Bunny with completely edible Easter egg decorations made from sugar. Royal Icing acts as an edible glue for sprinkles and colored sugar. Just take a paintbrush to a hard-boiled egg and get creative with the design. These uniquely decorated eggs will be the highlight of any Easter egg basket.

Decoupage Yarn Art
Decoupage Yarn Art
April showers bring May yarn art flowers! Making Decoupage Yarn Art will brighten up everyone’s day. The clean up is easy, the glue just dissolves (and tastes pretty good too if some just happens to get into little mouths).
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