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Heart Doilies
Heart Doilies

Want a fun, easy craft for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day?  Just lace paper doilies together with thin ribbon, yarn or string and fill with your favorite candy. It's a homemade gift right from the heart that couldn't be any simpler. 

This inexpensive homemade Valentine's gift is great for moms, dads, friends, neighbors and teachers. Plus threading the ribbon helps with fine motor skills, and the assembly portion can be used as a lesson in colors and shapes.

Paper doilies can be found in most party stores (and online) and many, like the ones we used, have a pre-printed message on the front. If yours do not, you could decorate with markers or stickers for an even more personal touch.

Being that we all all about the homemade at Dixie Crystals, we suggest you fill these Heart Doilies with homemade candy, but in a time crunch, store-bought works just as well. For a healthier option, you could also fill with raisins, nuts or trail mix. Whatever you choose, look for a treat that will not melt as you don't want a sticky mess on your hands!


  • 40 paper heart doilies, in various colors (choose the size based on the age of the child)
  • 3 rolls of ribbon, yarn, string, or twine
  • Several bags of small candy, nuts or trail mix


  1. Start with two doilies for each side (4 for each pouch total) and place them front to back. If you wish to decorate doily with markers, stickers, etc. do so before weaving so that you have a flat surface on which to work.
  2. Cut ribbon length long enough to weave up both sides of the doily with enough left on each end to tie a bow at the top.
  3. Fold ribbon length in half. Starting at the bottom of the heart, thread the ribbon in and out of each small hole all around the doily (see photo), leaving the very top open. You should end up with equal amount of ribbon left on each side.
  4. Fill the doily with small candies, being careful not to overfill. 
  5. Tie the remaining ribbon at the top into a bow.  Makes 10 Heart Doilies. 
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