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Sugar Cube Necklace
How to Make a Sugar Cube Necklace

Beads can be made out of a lot of different materials...even sugar! Sugar cubes are the perfect base for a cute necklace that is easy to make and sweet to wear. We made this example with a Girl Scout Daisy group (six-year-olds) and they loved the result.

Watch Cubie & Cubette show you how to make sugar cube necklaces here!


  • Acrylic paint (Beware! Water-based and tempera paint will melt the cubes.)
  • Dixie Crystals Sugar Cubes
  • Paint brush
  • Clear nail polish
  • Needle
  • Thread, string or ribbon
  • Optional - Stickers (to further decorate sugar cube beads)


  1. Paint the sugar cubes with acrylic paint with dry hands. Water will melt the cubes. Even just out of the package, sugar cubes are all unique and its ok to have rough or uneven sides. It makes the beads look more authentic.
  2. Let the cubes dry slightly and then paint with clear nail polish to protect them.
  3. Let the nail polish dry and, if you choose, paint letters or designs on them or adorn with other decorations like stickers. We used both in this example.
  4. Give the top another coat of clear nail polish to protect your decorations.
  5. Thread a needle with string or ribbon and when cubes are dry, gently push the needle through the beads. Voila! A necklace fit for princess!
  6. Please remember that you cannot eat this necklace. It is for decoration (and fun!) only.
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