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A tropical twist to an island favorite. Relax and enjoy the familiar fruity flavors mixed with the all time classical pina coloda.
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Organic is a term we are hearing more frequently each year. When it is used in relation to food it is about how that food has been raised. For grown foods, standards have been adopted which restrict the way pests are controlled and what fertilizers can be used. The foods that adhere to these standards can be called organic. For livestock, standards include what the animals are fed, how they are housed, how they are bred, and what drugs can be used, just to mention a few.

As the demand for farm to table and organic food increases so will this recipe section. Log into your “My Recipe Box” area and share your own organic recipes with the rest of the Dixie Crystals community. For now enjoy a wonderful Green Smoothie or a Pina Colada Smoothie.

Click the “All Recipes” link next to the green “Show me” arrow to see your fellow community member’s organic recipes.

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