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A completely natural sweetener made of pure stevia and pure cane sugar. With approximately 2/3 less calories than sugar, no chemicals or fillers and all the taste of sugar. Steviacane® allows you to cut added sugar from your diet without losing any of the taste. It is non-GMO and gluten-free.

By combining zero-calorie stevia extract with pure cane sugar, we’ve created a sweetener that maintains the same level of sweetness as sugar, but with less actual sugar. And because stevia is so naturally sweet, you use half the amount to achieve the same sweetness as you would with sugar.

Bake with fewer calories, but all the taste..

If you’ve ever baked with a sugar substitute, you know that it’s just not the same. Until now. Steviacane® contains actual pure cane sugar. That means you can bake with Steviacane® and achieve great results. Simply substitute ½ cup of Steviacane® for 1 cup of sugar and enjoy crunchy cookies, moist brownies and perfect pies.

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