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DIY Bath Products
DIY Bath Products

Turn your bathroom into a luxurious day-spa with these DIY beauty recipes. From fizzalicious Heart Shaped Bath Bombs to Homemade Bath Bubbles and Homemade Soap recipes, we have what you need to turn a plain old soak into a real retreat. All of our DIY bath and beauty recipes are super easy to create at home, infinitely customizable, and you'll always know exactly what went into each product.

Green Tea Shea Butter Soap
Sweet Green Tea Soap
Green tea, shea butter and sugar work together to deeply penetrate, exfoliate and moisturize the skin. With a light, woodsy scent, Green Tea Shea Butter Soap cleanses, tones and purifies the skin.
Lemon Raw Sugar Soap
Lemon Raw Sugar Soap
This Handmade Lemon Raw Sugar Soap recipe combines three natural powerhouses: lemon, turbinado and shea butter. With a bright and uplifting scent, Lemon Raw Sugar Soap helps to cleanse, clarify and purify your skin.
Exfoliating Coffee Soap
Sweet Coffee Soap
Do you love coffee so much that you feel like you could bathe in it? With this Exfoliating Coffee Soap recipe you can. Coffee grounds work as a gentle exfoliator and when you add in the scrubbing benefits of raw sugar, you get a double dose of goodness.
Brown Sugar Soap
Brown Sugar Soap

Melt-and-pour glycerin soap, brown sugar, vitamin E and essential oils are all you need to make your own custom versions of this brown sugar soap. Homemade soap makes a great gift for a teacher or loved one.

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