Valentine's Day
Tissue Paper Stained Glass Hearts
Stained Glass Hearts

These beautiful homemade Stained Glass Tissue Paper Hearts are easy to make, and a thoughtful Valentine decoration or gift. Using wax paper, the hearts are see-through - and you can make this craft with as many colors as you like.

Valentine's Day Treat Jars

This Valentine's Day Treat Jar is a fun, adorable Valentine's Day gift that is perfect for kids, teachers or neighbors. Make your own Valentine's treat jar and fill it with yummy candy - there's nothing better than a homemade gift from the heart! 

Doily Candy Hearts
Doily Candy Hearts

Here's an easy craft for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. All you need are paper doilies, ribbon, yarn or twine and candy. You simply weave two doilies together, leaving a small opening to fill with candy, and then tie at the top.

Pamper Your Loved One with a Sugar Scrub
Chamomile Sugar Scrub
Everything you need for a spa-quality sugar scrub is already in your pantry. White and brown sugar provide natural exfoliation to gently smooth away rough and dry skin. We have over 25 sugar scrub recipes in the Sugar Spa
Rainbow Marshmallow Necklace

Rainbow Marshmallow Necklaces are a cute little something to keep, or give away to your special Valentines. Anything you can make, wear, and eat for a snack later on is a winner in our book!

Sugar Bath Bombs
Heart Shaped Bath Fizzies

Make your bath sizzle with sweet, relaxing bubbles. These heart-shaped bath bombs can be made in a variety of shapes for different occasions and make a any bath a spa-like experience.

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