12 Heart Shaped Valentine Sweets

12 Heart Shaped Valentine Sweets

Amor. Amour. Liebe. Upendo. Are you looking for a way to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry about finding the right words – serve a heart shaped dessert for your sweetie, neighbor or friend instead. These Valentine sweets also make a great party favor or snack for a classroom party. Heart-Shaped-Cookie-Boxes-dixie-768x511.jpgHeart Shaped Cookie Boxes – Almond-scented sugar cookies are stacked to hide the surprise Valentine sweets inside. Check out this step-by-step video to learn how to make them.Red-Velvet-Heart-Cookies-dixie-768x511.jpgRed Velvet Heart Cookies – When you think red velvet, cake comes to mind first, but this versatile flavor works equally well in cookie form. These gorgeous Valentine sweets are easier to make than they look. Bake them anytime you want to show your love for a special someone.Heart-Shaped-Raspberry-Rolls-dixie-768x511.jpgHeart Shaped Raspberry Rolls – Show your special someone how much they are loved with these Heart Shaped Raspberry Rolls. They are as easy as they are beautiful – taking just one hour from start to finish.nutella-cinnamon-roll-hearts-Dixiejpg-768x511.jpgNutella Cinnamon Roll Hearts – Scrumptious cinnamon rolls filled with Nutella are the perfect way to start the day with someone you love.

Check out this video to see this recipe in action!


heart-shaped-meringue-cookies-dixie-768x512.jpgHeart Shaped Meringue Cookies – This is an easy, no-fail recipe for meringues. Heart Shaped Meringue Cookies are crunchy, sweet, and oh-so pink.Conversation-Heart-Sugar-Cookies-Dixie-768x511.jpgConversation Heart Sugar Cookies – Here’s our Classic Sugar Cookie recipe with our Royal Icing recipe. With this combo, you can make adorable Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies. Easy enough for first-time decorators. Check out this Sweetalk blog post for step-by-step directions and photos.mini-red-velvet-lava-cakes-dixie-768x499.jpgMini Red Velvet Lava Cakes – Inside these Mini Red Velvet Lava Cakes you’ll find a bittersweet chocolate molten lava center.Chocolate-Raspberry-Heart-Cookies-dixie-768x511.jpgChocolate Heart Sandwich Cookies with Raspberry Cream Cheese Filling –  These brownie-like, heart shaped chocolate cookies with a decadent, creamy filling are delicious Valentine sweets.chocolate-cake-hearts-with-raspberry-frosting-dixie-768x511.jpgChocolate Cake Hearts with Raspberry Frosting – Here’s a sweet way to show your love: moist chocolate cake layered and topped with luscious raspberry frosting.Heart-Puff-Pastry-with-ice-cream-chocolate-sauce-dixie-768x511.jpgHeart Puff Pastries with Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce – These delicate puff pastries filled with homemade ice cream (or Crème Chantilly) and dipped in chocolate ganache are great Valentine sweets for someone you love.


Heart Shaped Butter Cookies with Jam – These delicious sweet treats are buttery delights. With easy-to-follow directions, you’ll have tasty Valentine sweets in no time.heart-shaped-cherry-hand-pies-dixie-768x511.jpg

Heart Shaped Cherry Hand Pies – This quick and easy recipe is great for beginner chefs, or just those who want a right-sized dessert that doesn’t require a lot of effort. Our Heart Shaped Cherry Hand Pies are not overly sweet and baked with love both inside and out.

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