12 Tips for Hosting A Holiday Cookie Exchange Party

Holiday Cookie Exchange Party

Cookie Exchange parties are popular during the Christmas holiday season. What’s not to love? You only need to come up with one cookie recipe and bake several dozen to swap with others at a festive exchange party. You’ll leave with new friends, new recipes and several dozen different cookies to share with your own family.

If you’ve never participated in a cookie exchange event or this is your first time to host one yourself, we have several tips to pull off a holiday event that will surely become a sweet tradition for years to come.

    1. Invitations – You can download and print our Cookie Swap Invitations or use an online invitation like Evite.
    2. Ask guests to RSVP 10 days before the party, which will give you and them enough lead time to plan and bake. Mornings or afternoons seem to be the best times to host an exchange. That way you won’t conflict with other holiday events.
    3. Each guest should bring four dozen of one type of cookie. Three dozen different cookies will go home with each guest and the remaining dozen will be shared during the party.
    4. Ask everyone to tell you what type of cookies they’ll be making to avoid duplications. Also ask them to bring printouts or recipes cards for their cookie recipes – enough that each person will go home with one. If doing digital invites, you can ask guests to send you the recipes and you can send them all at once as a follow up and thank you for attending the party.
    5. Prepare a table where guests can place their cookies and recipe cards. Decorations can be as simple as a table runner and some ornaments.


For tips number 6 through 12, visit the Cookie Exchange section of our website. We have many other ideas for additional activities you can organize for your swap party to make it festive and fun, free printables to download as well as best recipes for a cookie swap you can use. Here are a couple of our favorites to get you inspired!cherry-walnut-snowball-cookies-dixie-768x499.jpgCherry Walnut Snowball Cookies: The classic snowball cookie with a surprise inside!  Sweet cherries fill these cookie delights, and add a nice change to the original.Rocky-Road-Cookies-dixie-768x511.jpgRocky Road Cookies: Chewy chocolate cookies reminiscent of Rocky Road Ice Cream. Full of nuts, marshmallows and big chocolate flavor.Peppermint-Patty-Cookies-Dixie-768x499.jpgPeppermint Patty Cookies: Dark chocolate cookies are topped with creamy peppermint frosting and drizzled with more chocolate to create a scrumptious cookie that will remind you of a peppermint patty. For an extra minty kick, add chopped peppermint patties on top of the cookies.Malted-Shortbread-Chocolate-Dipped-Cookies-dixie-768x511.jpgMalted Shortbread Chocolate Dipped Cookies: Malted milk is added to a buttery shortbread cookie that is baked till golden and then dipped in dark chocolate. These slightly sweet cookies store well and are very portable, making them a great addition to your holiday cookie exchange.