5 Cooking Utensils You Should Invest In

5 Cooking Utensils You Should Invest In

Unevenly baked cookies, soggy dough or a fallen cheesecake isn’t always the cook’s fault. Sometimes the problem lies within the cooking utensils or tools. When you want top-notch results out of your kitchen, you have to know where to invest. Sure, you can get away with inexpensive spatulas and measuring spoons. But when it comes to heavy duty workhorse items, you want cooking utensils that will give you confidence in the kitchen. Here are some must-invest-in tools – these are cooking utensils that are your sturdy friends and companions who stick with you through batter, thick and thin.

Cookie and baking sheets

Just any baking sheet won’t do. We recommend the heavy-duty aluminum insulated sheets. These types of sheets will cost about $15 and up – but trust us, they are worth it. Quality sheets give the bottoms of cookies the perfect color and crunch, whereas their cheaper cousins may leave something to be desired.  See our blog post about the best baking sheets for cookies.

Standing Mixer

A standing mixer is a kitchen essential. Look for one with multiple attachments, so that it can transform from a whipped creamer to a dough kneader in a flash. We particularly advise you to find a mixer with a heavier bottom. It can handle higher speeds and a little more jostling around than other standing mixers. Find a mixer with a larger bowl, too. That way, you can make any sized recipe you desire. In addition to your standing mixer, it’s a good idea to keep a less expensive hand-held one. They come in handy for lengthier recipes where you may not have time to clean up in-between steps.

Stone Pastry Board

A stone pastry board is for more than just pastries. Use it when working with chilled doughs of all kinds to maintain a consistent texture. Dough will be easier to roll and cut when placed on this cooled board. Get one that you can fit easily into your freezer or fridge. We’ve seen prices ranging from $25 and up online. The best options, in our opinion, are ones that are larger in size and rectangular in shape. These also make for great serving trays when you’re done using them in the kitchen. We love a multi-functional tool!

Springform Pan

While springform pans aren’t expensive in and of themselves, they are a great tool to have in the kitchen. Buy in sets of three if you are a layer-cake baker. Use them when cooking angel food cakecheesecake and upside down cakes. Really, these are such great pans that we often use them when creating most of our rounded cakes. It creates even lines and, generally, an even baking result. Look for heavier pans made out of a sturdy material like aluminum. Stay away from nonstick pans, as the nonstick coating will eventually disappear. Use butter or another oil inside on the pan instead.

Marble Rolling Pin

Just like the stone cutting board, a marble rolling pin is an investment for bakers. It can be chilled for working with pie crusts, pastries and cookie doughs. We especially love the heavier pin for breaking up graham crackers for pie crusts and sandwich cookies for ice cream sundaes. There are also marble pins with removable handles, which makes for easier storage. Speaking of, make sure you buy a pin with a wooden stand. Marble is prone to chipping when rammed by other cooking utensils. Making investments in cooking utensils like these make huge returns over the long run. No more emergency trips to the grocery store. No more broken pieces of plastic in the trash can. No more money thrown away. Choose materials that will last so that you can keep baking at top-notch levels with no hassle. And hopefully, you’ll mitigate a kitchen disaster one appliance and utensil at a time.