Eggs, Bunnies & Chicks - Five Irresistible Easter Treats

Eggs, Bunnies & Chicks - Five Irresistible Easter Treats

Punxsutawney Phil called it - we are in for an early spring. Warmer weather, daylight savings and all things pastel pink are just a few signs the Easter Bunny will be hopping this way. And a good Easter celebration just isn't complete without sweet Spring, Easter treats to share with those you love.

You can get creative with our Easter treats recipes -- put them in a basket, wrap them up and hide them like eggs, or give them away to neighbors. Easter will be here before we know it... better get crackin'!

Chocolate Sandwich Bunny Cookies

Chocolate Sandwich Bunny Cookies - Skip the hollow tradition of giving chocolate rabbits at Easter and surprise your kids with these adorable bunny treats in their baskets. Marshmallow buttercream hides between two bunny-shaped cookies with a chocolate brownie consistency so irresistible, Peter Cottontail himself would be proud.

Chick Cottage Cupcakes

Chick Cottage Cupcakes - For Peeps-sake, these Chick Cottage Cupcakes are so cute. Create graham cracker and lemon cupcake houses for your marshmallow chicks and bunnies. These make a sweet centerpiece for an Easter dinner table you can enjoy for dessert after everyone has eaten the holiday ham.

Bunny Chick Cup cones

Bunny and Chick Cup Cones - There's no need for your little lamb to sit still while enjoying this vanilla buttercream covered cupcake in a cone. This recipe makes the perfect portable party treat and is so easy to prepare. Even better? No mess. You just bake the batter right into the cone. Turn this treat into a party activity and have the kids decorate the cupcake cones.

Chickie Chocolate Truffle

Chickie Chocolate Brownie Truffle - Aren't these the cutest? Even better - this is a no-bake recipe. Chocolate truffles covered with candy coating and coconut will tempt both kids and adults to steal a melt-in-your-mouth taste before dinner. So sweet, guests may think you bought these in an expensive candy store. You won't hear a peep from us that they only take 30 minutes to make.

Easter Bark Candy

Easter Egg Bark Candy - Chocolate bark is a quick and easy way to incorporate some of your favorite store-bought Easter candy into a homemade creation great for gift giving. White chocolate sprinkled with green-colored sugar and topped with egg shaped candy creates a sweet Easter morning treat. For a variation, try this Easter Candy Chocolate Bark. A white and milk chocolate version decorated with pretty in pink (and blue and yellow) candy and sprinkles for a pastel color that makes you dream of spring.