French Macaron Recipes – Challenging, But Oh So Worth It

french macarons

French Macarons - ah, such sweet little dainty confections. Beautiful, delicate and a little bit haughty, think of French Macarons as the Grace Kelly of desserts. Don’t be fooled though; macarons are more than just a pretty face. These ethereal almond cookies can be found everywhere from Parisian patisseries to Trader Joe’s. The perfect French Macaron has a thin, smooth shell that gives a slight crunch when you bite into it with a nutty, chewy center. Macarons come in a rainbow of colors and flavors and are filled with silky ganache, buttercream or jam. The recipe for French Macarons is deceptively simple. How can a cookie with only four main ingredients be intimidating? Because they are notoriously temperamental and demand patience and precision when baking. This is not one of those, throw everything in a bowl and whip together type recipes. Every ingredient must be weighed precisely and your oven temperature must be accurately calibrated. But trust us, when you pull your perfectly domed macaron out of the oven, you’ll find they are worth the extra effort. When making French Macarons, be sure to follow the recipe instructions carefully. Silicone baking mats with macaron guides are very helpful. If you don’t have one, a piece of paper with 1.5-inch circles spaced 1-inch apart will work nicely. Place a piece of parchment paper over your template and pipe accordingly. This way you can reuse your template again and again. Another tip? Use heavy gauge aluminum or steel baking sheets to ensure even heat distribution. Feeling up to the challenge? Try one of these French Macaron recipes: Lemon Curd Macarons - Tender meringue-based cookies filled with sweet and tart lemon curd red velvet macaroon recipe Red Velvet Macarons – Vibrant red macarons filled with vanilla cream cheese. pecan pie macarons Pecan Pie Macarons - Here's an interesting twist. Delicate little macarons filled with pecan pie centers. raspberry macaroon with raspberries and chocolate sauce Raspberry Macarons with Strawberry Sauce – Filled with fresh berries and topped with a fresh strawberry puree.  Raspberry Chocolate Ganache Macarons – Délicieux! (That’s French for you must try these immediately!) French Macarons add an air of sophistication to baby and bridal showers, tea parties, and birthday celebrations. Give one of our recipes a try, and let us know what you think. Bon appétit!