How to Make Copycat Candy Recipes for Halloween

Copycat Candy Recipes

If there ever was a time to learn how to make homemade candy, it’s now. Ghosts and goblins will soon come out to devour the sweetest and most fun of desserts and we’ve got some copycat candy recipes so you’ll be ready to treat them.

Sure, the grocery store shelves are lined with large cellophane bags packed with individually wrapped chocolates, caramels and peanut butter candies. In fact, they’ve been tempting us since early September with goodies for neighborhood Halloween trick-or-treaters.

If you caved and bought a bag early for, you know, “research purposes”, we won’t tell. In fact, we did too! While taste testing some of these store-bought sweet treats we thought…”we can make that” and we are ready to share our favorite copycat candy recipes just in time for you to make homemade candy for this year’s batch of trick-or-treaters.

While black cats are thought to bring bad luck during Halloween, these homemade “copycat” candy recipes will bring nothing but good vibes and smiles during the holiday season.Copycat-Cookies-n-Cream-Candy-Bars-dixie-768x511.jpg

Copycat Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream® Candy Bars – Crispy homemade chocolate cookies are mixed together with melted white chocolate to create a homemade version of Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream® candy bar.copycat-whatchamacallit-bars-dixie-768x511.jpgCopycat Whatchamacallit®  Bars  – All you need is a handful of ingredients and 20 minutes of your time to make these chewy peanut butter bars topped with a layer of caramel and chocolate ganache. A delicious homemade version of the Whatchamacallit® candy bar.homemade-zero-bars-dixie-768x511.jpgHomemade ZERO® Bars –  Chewy, sweet, and studded with almonds, these homemade ZERO® bars taste just as good as the store-bought version (and you never have to leave the house to get one).Copycat-Andes-Mints-dixie-768x511.jpgCopycat Andes Mints® – If you’re a fan of Andes Mints®, this copycat version is going to be your new favorite recipe. Quick, easy and quite possibly better than the store-bought version.copycat-watermelon-jolly-ranchers-dixie-768x511.jpg

Copycat Watermelon Jolly Ranchers® – Love Watermelon Jolly Ranchers®? Here’s a quick and easy copycat version you can make at home. With just a handful of ingredients, five minutes of prep time and about a half hour of cook time, you’ll have 50 candies to pass out to trick or treaters this year.

Check out our past Sweetalk blog post entitled Movie Night Recipes to get the 411 on how to make copycat Twix Bars® and Snickers® Bars too!

Don’t see your favorite store-bought goodie listed here? Don’t worry. We have 24 Copycat recipes for homemade candy, cookies, cakes and drinks on our website.