Quick & Easy Frozen Sweet Treats - A Cool Twist On Popsicles

Quick & Easy Frozen Sweet Treats - A Cool Twist on Popsicles

When the lazy days of Summer turn hot and humid, the last thing you want to do is heat up the oven to make dessert. But don’t let that stop you from entertaining or (gasp!) serving the sweet stuff altogether. We’ve got the answer for your next warm weather picnic or party. Homemade gourmet frozen sweet treats - popsicles. If images of old school fudgicles or rocket bombs have you doubting whether these will be fancy or tasty enough to serve at your next soiree, have no fear. The Good Humor Ice Cream Man never offered these kinds of frozen sweet treats when he patrolled the neighborhood in his truck. These no-bake, quick and easy sweet treats will quench your thirst while satisfying your sweet tooth. And even better - most of these recipes only require five or fewer ingredients and take only 10 to 20 minutes to whip up. Just plan ahead to freeze them. frozen sweet treatsSangria - A fun, adult boozy Sangria Popsicle perfect for lazy summer days. Add whatever fruit you have on hand for a frozen sweet surprise in each popsicle. frozen sweet treatsStrawberry Sweet TeaWhen it is hot outside, nothing hits the spot like a cold glass of iced tea. With these Strawberry Sweet Tea Popsicles, you get all the tea flavor you love with the sweet kick of strawberries frozen inside. frozen sweet treatsBlueberry Ginger - Savor the hot weather with one of these refreshing Blueberry Ginger Popsicles. They are the perfect mix of fruit and cream from the Greek yogurt. frozen sweet treatsMango ChilePaletas are made from fresh fruit juice and are sold in Mexico in small stores known as paleterías, or on the streets by paleteros. Mango con Chile is a sweet, spicy and popular flavor. frozen sweet treatsPeaches and Cream - Luscious, sweet peaches swirled together with cinnamon, vanilla and yogurt in this refreshing summer popsicle. frozen sweet treatsRoot Beer - All the flavor of a root beer float, with no glass necessary! With only 5 ingredients, Root Beer Float Popsicles are a quick and easy way to cool off on a hot summer's day.

Fun fact: an eleven-year-old invented the first popsicle in 1905 when he accidentally left a soft drink with a stirring stick in it on his front porch one cold night. Over a century later and we are purposely creating new ways to make frozen pops delicious. Which frozen sweet treats are your favorites? For more frozen fun, check out these recipes. We’ve got summer sweets covered with plenty of ice cream, sorbet, granita, mousse, sherbet and custard.

Frozen sweet treats - recipes for gourmet popsicles