Thankful for Thanksgiving Recipes Contest

Thankful for Thanksgiving Recipes Contest

Congratulations to our Thankful for Thanksgiving Recipes Contest winners! We hope you all found delicious recipes to share with friends and loved ones.

If your name is on the list, you have won a pie making kit complete with a wood rolling pin, ceramic pie weights, and a cast iron pie pan.

If you’re a winner, make sure to watch your email starting 12/14/2020. If we can't reach you within 7 calendar days of the announcement you will forfeit your prize (and no one wants that to happen!).

Kathy Barbee

Susan Bishop

Tess Botelho

Shielia Breighner

Maurene Brown

Melanie Bryant

Lisa Cofer

Walter Everhart

Genevieve Farner

Stacey Ferragamo

Annamarie Gordon

Joette Horan

Lisa Leaman

William Lievens

Karen Mosier

Deb Mummey

Brenda Murphy

Roberta Pappayliou

Frankie Pinnix

Angela Sardoni

Janet Shook

Amber Simpson

Dianne Swanciger

Laura Vandygrift

Michelle Zupan