Gumdrop Peacocks/Turkeys


Snack time is fun time with these adorable Gumdrop Peacocks. This crazy simple edible art project is about as easy as it gets, plus they are so much fun to eat when you are done. Let your kiddos get creative with different types and colors of gumdrop candies. Create a bunch of peacocks and put on a display of all their "feathers." This is a great activity for little hands, too, as it promotes fine motor development. 

PS - This activity can be easily turned into turkeys instead of peacocks, making it a great Thanksgiving school party idea as well.


    • large fruit slice
    • 11 small gumdrops
    • 2 candy eye balls
    • 1 fruit-flavored breath mint
    • raw pasta noodles (broken into quarters)
    • Royal icing


  1. To create the head, stick a raw pasta stick into the bottom of a gumdrop. Push a breath mint into the gumdrop for the beak. Spread or pipe royal icing and adhere candy eyes. Set aside to dry.
  2. Push two gumdrops onto a noodle, leaving room at the bottom to adhere to the base to make the feathers. Make 4 more sticks. Use the large fruit slice as the base, and stick the head into the center. Push the feathers around in a circular shape.
  3. Tip - If your peacocks don't stand up, use a noodle in the back to prop up.
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