Glitter Leaf Votive Holders

Glitter Leaf Votive Holders


Here's a simple and easy Thanksgiving craft that children can make for the Thanksgiving table or for guests to take home as favors. Glitter Leaf Votive Holders add just a touch of sparkle to your table and you'll have fun spending time together as you make them.

Start with mini fabric leaves from the craft store and make a simple sugar paste. You'll use this paste to glue the leaves onto the inside of clean baby food jars. (Any recycled jar will work.)

Press and hold the leaves onto the sides of the jars and then sprinkle gold glitter onto the wet glue. Let dry and add battery tea lights inside each votive. (We don't recommend actual candles as the craft leaves can be flammable.)


  1. Sugar Paste


  • Clean baby food jars or any recycled jar
  • Mini craft leaves
  • Gold glitter
  • Paint brush
  • Sugar paste


  1. Wash and dry jars completely. Set aside.
  2. Make the sugar paste: In a large bowl, mix the flour, sugar and cup of cold water. Add boiling water. Stir to combine and let come to room temperature.
  3. Make the votives: Brush the sugar paste generously on the inside of the jar.
  4. Press leaves into the wet glue. Arrange to your liking and sprinkle glitter around the inside. Let dry completely.
  5. Add tea lights and enjoy the ambiance.
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