Doily Candy Hearts

Doily Candy Hearts


Here's an easy craft for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. All you need are paper doilies, ribbon, yarn or twine and candy. You simply weave two doilies together, leaving a small opening to fill with candy, and then tie at the top. Super simple!

Weaving the ribbon through the openings in the doily helps improve fine motor skills and dexterity. (For little ones, start with a larger doily and a larger ribbon.) Plus you can also use the assembly process as a matching activity and a discussion about colors and shapes.

Being that we are all about the homemade, we prefer to fill our hearts with homemade candy, but in a time crunch, store-bought works just as well. Just choose a candy with a low melt-ratio or you might end up with a sticky mess on your hands. For a healthier alternative, you could also fill with candied nuts or trail mix.


  • 40 paper heart doilies, in various colors (found in party supply stores or online)
  • 3 rolls of ribbon, yarn or twine in various colors
  • Several bags candy, nuts or trail mix


  1. Start with two doilies for each side (4 for each pouch total) and place them front to back. If you wish to decorate doily with markers, stickers, etc. do so before weaving so that you have a flat surface on which to work.
  2. Cut ribbon length long enough to weave up both sides of the doily with enough left on each end to tie a bow at the top.
  3. Fold ribbon length in half. Starting at the bottom of the heart, thread the ribbon in and out of each small hole all around the doily (see photo), leaving the very top open. You should end up with equal amount of ribbon left on each side.
  4. Fill the doily with small candies, being careful not to overfill.
  5. Tie the remaining ribbon at the top into a bow. Makes 10 Doily Candy Hearts.
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