Sugar Decorated Easter Eggs

Sugar Decorated Easter Eggs


Make your eggs sparkle for the Easter Bunny with decorations made from sugar. With Royal Icing as an adhesive, easy-to-make colored sugar and sprinkles stick like glue to hard-boiled eggs. Kids can get creative with their paintbrush and design uniquely decorated eggs that will stand out in any Easter morning egg hunt!




  1. Hard boil eggs and let cool. If refrigerated, let cool to room temperature before decorating.
  2. Depending on preference, you can either dye your hard boiled eggs with a store-bought kit or decorate them on their plain white shell.
  3. Spread newspaper or wax paper down over decorating area for easier clean-up.
  4. Using your brush, paint dots, stripes or zig zags with royal icing then sprinkle on or roll wet area in colored sugar, sprinkles, or both. Get creative! Just be sure to do one color at a time so the different colors of sugar don't mix.
  5. Tip: Royal icing dries fast so paint a small area then put on the colored sugar immediately to be sure it will stick!
  6. Refrigerate after decorating and until ready to eat.
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