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Ice Cream Snowman



  1. Bring to a full boil cream, milk, sugar and salt. Remove from heat and place saucepan in bowl filled with ice cubes. When most ice cubes have melted renew ice cubes and cover pan, sprinkle a cup of salt on ice cubes to get ice cream mixture super cold. (To ensure a smooth ice cream it is essential that ice cream mixture is very cold when pouring it in ice cream maker.) Add vanilla extract.
  2. Churn ice cream according to machine manufacturer’s directions.
  3. Place a bowl (that you will scoop ice cream in) in freezer. Once ice cream is churned, scoop quickly into chilled bowl and even out surface. Allow to freeze overnight.
  4. Meanwhile make decorative elements: For arms melt 4 ounces candy coating according to manufacturer’s directions. Using a piping bag, pipe candy coating on parchment or plastic food wrap into tree branch patterns. Let cool.
  5. For hats make a 1/4 cup of fondant black. Roll fondant lightly dusted with powdered sugar 3 credit cards thick and cut into 1 inch circles. Using remaining fondant, make 4 round balls and shape into a drum. Place on round circle. Set aside.
  6. Make 4 sets of eyes and mouths using black fondant. You can also melt remaining candy coating later and pipe eyes and mouth directly onto ice cream balls (however this does require more skill).
  7. Color a tiny amount of fondant orange and make 4 noses. Set aside.
  8. Color a small amount of fondant red and roll 3 credit cards thick. Cut strips to simulate scarfs.
  9. If you cannot locate finely grated coconut, place larger flakes in blender or food processor and make fine. Scatter coconut onto a large serving tray and place in freezer until very cold.
  10. If you have only one size ice cream scoop you will have to scoop 4 large, 4 medium and 4 smaller sized balls. You can make these rounder by shaping quickly round using your hands.
  11. Scoop 4 large balls and shape round if necessary and roll in coconut. Repeat with medium and small size and place in freezer.
  12. Allow to freeze for a few minutes and place small onto medium and then on larger ball and return to freezer for about an hour until well frozen.
  13. Where eyes, nose and mouth will be attached remove some coconut to make the adhesion easier. Dipping these pieces in a tiny amount of melted candy coating will also help the adhesion.
  14. Attach hat, scarf and stick in the branches or use a candy cane. Return to freezer. When ready to serve dust with powdered confectioners sugar.
Dixie Crystals Insight

Note: If using store bought ice cream instead of homemade, choose premium, as other ice creams contain too much air and shaping of the snowman becomes very difficult.