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Easter Chick Strawberry Cupcakes


*Spoon & Sweep method: Use a spoon to fill measuring cup with flour until required amount is obtained. Scooping measuring cup directly into flour bag will firmly pack flour resulting in too much flour required for recipe.


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  2. Sift together flour, baking powder and baking soda and set aside.
  3. Mix butter until creamy and smooth. Add sugar and mix until light and fluffy. Add one egg at a time and mix well between each.
  4. Add salt and vanilla extract.
  5. Add 1/3 of flour mixture and mix until combined. Add 1/2 of Greek yogurt and mix until smooth. Add another 1/3 of flour and mix smooth. Add Greek yogurt and once combined add remaining flour. Stir in strawberries.
  6. Place paper cups in a cupcake or muffin tin and fill the cups generously 3/4 full. Place in oven and bake for 18 minutes or until an inserted toothpick comes clean. Actual time depends largely on thickness of metal cupcake pans. Let cool.
  7. Prepare frosting. When cupcakes are thoroughly cold spread frosting onto surface or use a piping bag fitted with a medium piping tip.
  8. Roll a small portion of fondant 1/8 inch thick onto a work surface lightly dusted with powdered sugar. Using a round cutter with approximately the same diameter of the cupcakes, cut 18 circles.
  9. If you have a star cutter cut the center to create the “broken shell” hole for the chicks head to come through. Without a star cutter use a paring knife and cut pointed openings.
  10. Take a large handful of fondant and dye yellow. Place in freezer for about 20 minutes to chill and make firm. Make a very small porting orange and a portion black.
  11. Make 18 dime sized yellow fondant balls for the body of the chicks and place on plastic food film lined cookie sheets. Make another 18 round balls for the chicks head. Place onto a cookie sheet as well.
  12. Make tiny little white fondant balls for the eyes and place directly onto the chicks head. Make even smaller black fondant balls for the pupils. Place onto white eye part.
  13. Make beaks with orange fondant and attach immediately.
  14. Place a round “body” fondant ball on a cupcake. Place a round “shell” over ball. Place a chick head on top. Repeat with remaining cupcakes.
  15. Press a little yellow fondant through a sieve to create down for heads. Place on top.
  16. For wings make a small amount of fondant round and then shape lengthwise. Squeeze a point and with back of a paring knife make wing indentions. Place onto cupcake.