Banana Pudding Cheesecake

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  1. Remove any dark brown spots from bananas. Using a stick blender or a stand blender, puree 3-4 bananas. Pour in a measuring cup and measure 1 1/3 cups. Add and mix in lemon juice. Set aside.
  2. Preheat oven to 325°F.
  3. Place a 9-inch springform pan on 3 layers of aluminum foil and wrap outside of pan tightly with foil. Ensure that water cannot penetrate thru foil. Place in a roasting pan and set aside.
  4. The crust of cheesecake will be added after baking as this will ensure a perfect texture.
  5. Blend cream cheese and sugar on lowest speed, alternatively mix by using a handheld spatula until no lumps remain. Scrape bowl well.
  6. Add one egg at a time waiting for previously added egg to be fully incorporated and mixture shows no lumps. Scrape bowl and beater between additions.
  7. Add vanilla and banana puree and pour batter into the springform pan.
  8. Pour water into the roasting pan about one inch high and place in the oven.
  9. Bake until center of cake no longer trembles when tapping the sides of pan, about 90 minutes, but it could take up to 2 hours depending on temperature of cheesecake batter.
  10. Allow to cool at room temperature for 30 minutes and place in refrigerator overnight.
  11. Run a sharp knife around the edge of cheesecake and remove from sides of pan.
  12. Place a sheet of plastic food wrap on surface of cake followed by a cutting board or platter.
  13. Flip cake upside down. Remove bottom of cake pan. If it is slightly sticking run a knife underneath to release it.
  14. Place vanilla cookies (bottom of the cookies facing up) very close together on cheesecake. Break some cookies to fill gaps.
  15. Place a serving platter on cheesecake and flip cake once more upside down. The original baked surface will once again be facing upward.  
  16. For Crème Chantilly, whip cream, sugar, and vanilla to firm peaks and decorate surface of cake using a star pastry tip.
  17. Decorate sides of cheesecake with additional wafer cookies. If they refuse to stick use some whipped cream.
  18. Cut remaining bananas in slices and toss gently in juice of a half lime or lemon. Place on cake. (The lemon juice will help keep the bananas from turning brown, but you may decide to perform this step right before serving.)
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