Pineapple Peach Smoothie

Two fresh fruit flavors - peach and pineapple - blended together in smoothie harmony.

Honey Banana Smoothie

Bananas, vanilla ice cream, honey and milk make for one creamy concoction! Top with some of our low sugar homemade granola to add a little texture to...

Protein Smoothie

This smoothie tastes just like soft serve ice cream.

Green Smoothie with a Little Sprinkle of Heaven

This smoothie is loaded with fruits and vegetables including orange, spinach, apple, cantaloupe and strawberry.

Tangy Mint Julep Smoothie

Combining the traditional mint julep with the tangy pink grapefruit makes a wonderfully refreshing adults-only summer smoothie.


This swanky Raspberrytini (raspberry martini) recipe is as simple as it is elegant. Frozen raspberry puree shaken with your favorite vodka for an icy,...

Tropical Smoothie with Tapioca Pearls

Tapioca pearls add an Asian flair to this Tropical Smoothie. Fresh mango, banana, pineapple, coconut milk and Greek yogurt all blend together in this...

Brown Sugar Spice Rub

This quick and easy Brown Sugar Spice Rub enhances the flavor of steaks, fish, chicken, fries and more.

Patriotic Sangria

Watermelon schnapps, white cranberry juice, white wine, fresh watermelon chunks and fresh blueberries give this fruity sangria recipe a red, white and...

Blackberry Lemonade

A cool, refreshing glass of Blackberry Lemonade really hits the spot on a hot summer's day. This easy old-fashioned lemonade recipe is made with...


Atole is a warm and creamy hot beverage popular in Mexico and Central America. Atole is thickened with corn masa and flavored with brown sugar,...