17 Minute Chocolate Cake with Silhouette Frosting

This 1940 vintage recipe requires only 17 minutes for measuring and mixing. Fluffy chocolate cake with a creamy chocolate frosting and topped with our...

3 Ingredient Scotch Tea Cookies

This rich, buttery classic 3-ingredient shortbread cookie recipe has been a simple pleasure for over 75 years.

3 Step Butter Cream Frosting

All you need is 5 ingredients and 5 minutes to whip up a sweet and creamy batch of homemade butter cream frosting.

4th of July Fireworks Chocolate Roll Cake

This patriotic dessert is exploding with excitement! Great for 4th of July or Memorial Day celebrations.

7 Up Pound Cake Autumn Leaves

First you start with our fan-favorite 7 Up Pound Cake, then you tint the batter and swirl it. Once baked the pound cake is cut into autumn leaf shapes...

Alamo Lemon Jelly Cake

This classic recipe has been handed down for generations since the time Texas was struggling for its’ independence. That’s over 150 years of rich,...


Alfajores are soft and delicate traditional shortbread cookies from South America. The cornstarch in this recipe gives the dough a smooth texture,...