Candied Pecan Caramel Coconut Cookies

Candied Pecan Caramel Coconut Cookies

Your cookie tray needs these! This simple, 7 ingredient cookie recipe comes together in a snap. Candied Pecan Caramel Coconut Cookies are soft,...


Pestiños are a traditional Spanish pastry made from flour, aniseed, olive oil, wine and a little sugar. This flaky, twisted fritter is most often...
Steviacane Drop Sugar Cookies

Steviacane Drop Sugar Cookies

A traditional sugar cookie recipe that substitutes Steviacane for sugar to maintain the same great taste while reducing the number of calories in the...
Steviacane roll out cookies

Steviacane Roll Out Cookies

A delicious cookie recipe that is low in sugar and high in flavor. Steviacane replaces sugar in this recipe to reduce the amount of sugar used while...