Milk and Cereal Pancakes Dixie

Milk and Cereal Pancakes

Why not make breakfast the most FUN meal of the day? Add some excitement to your breakfast by mixing your favorite cereal into a stack of fluffy...
Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes dixie

Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes

Are you a morning person? You will be once you try these light and bright Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes. Full of citrus flavor and a delicate crunch you...
Cranberry Eggnog Muffins

Cranberry Eggnog Muffins

Delicious holiday flavors come together to make these amazing Cranberry Eggnog Muffins. Fluffy muffins filled with fresh cranberries and eggnog all...
Cranberry Orange Pancakese

Cranberry Orange Pancakes

Wake up to these fluffy, rich pancakes and make your mornings extra special. Holiday-inspired, these scrumptious Cranberry Orange Pancakes are...
Strawberry Coffee Cake

Strawberry Coffee Cake

Use fresh strawberries to make this tender and delicious Strawberry Coffee Cake. It has a tasty sugary crust on the outside and has an almost custardy...

Pumpkin Pie Crescent Rolls

This super easy and kid-friendly recipe comes from Sweetalk Community member Christine Libbey. Just mix four ingredients and roll inside prepackaged...
Pumpkin Pancakes

Pumpkin Pancakes

These cake-like pancakes are made with pumpkin puree in the batter. Second place winner in Imperial Sugar’s Homemade Holidays Recipe Contest.