Triple Chocolate Pound Cake

Calling all chocolate lovers, this one is for you! This moist Triple Chocolate Pound Cake is made from scratch and covered in a deliciously sweet...

Nutella® Hazelnut Brownies

What can take a brownie recipe to the next level? Why Nutella® of course! Nutella Topped Hazelnut Brownies start with a dense, rich chocolate brownie...

Strawberry Brownies

Strawberries, cranberries and chocolate make up the delicious flavor combination in these moist and chewy Strawberry Brownies. Topped with strawberry...

Pumpkin Spice Pound Cake with Orange Glaze

Delicate, moist and very flavorful, this Pumpkin Spice Pound Cake with Orange Glaze is the perfect fall dessert.

Steviacane Brownies

Fudgey, chocolate brownie recipe that uses Steviacane to reduce the amount of sugar needed. Same delicious flavor and sweetness with 75% less calories...

Banana Pound Cake

This cake has the moist texture of a great pound cake with the delicious flavor of banana bread.