Flapper Pie

The Flapper Pie traces its origins back to the Canadian Prairie where you would often find it on the Sunday supper table or behind the dessert counter...

Sliced Sweet Potato Pie

If you like sweet potatoes, you will love this layered Sliced Sweet Potato Pie. It has just the right amount of texture and packed full of flavor.

Dairy-Free Sweet Potato Pie

When you love Sweet Potato Pie, but can't have the dairy, this is the recipe for you. Chef Eddy has created a Dairy-Free Sweet Potato Pie that's so...

Southern Classic Chess Pie

Southern Classic Chess Pie is one of the simplest pies to make; which may be why so many people adore this Southern classic. When made with standard...

Cinnamon Raisin Sour Cream Pie

This down-home recipe hails from the early 20th century. For rural families, fresh fruit wasn't available year round, and dairy products were a...

Pumpkin Pie With Hazelnut Streusel

There will always be a place in our heart for classic pumpkin pie, but for those times when you want something a little bit "more", there's Chef Eddy...

Cranberry Cheesecake Pie

An ultra creamy, delectable cheesecake topped with a homemade, non-apologetically tart cranberry puree. It's the ultimate sweet and tart combo for the...

Corn Syrup Free Chocolate Pecan Pie

Dense chocolate brownie pie studded with fresh pecans.

Sweet Potato Pie

Classic sweet potato pie has been a staple at family celebrations for generations. Here, Chef Eddy gives us his version of this Southern staple.