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Decorating whimsical sweets and savory treats has been my passion since childhood and I have been fortunate enough to spend most of my adult life doing what I love as an entrepreneurial chocolatier and event planner.

I began making festive food and edible crafts back in the 80’s and never imagined that all these years later, I’d have the opportunity to share my creations with a worldwide audience.

For years I woke up every day excited to make handmade confections for customers at my retail stores, BJaiz Yum Yum Shoppe in Louisville, Kentucky and Candy Garden Handmade Chocolates in Dayton, Ohio, and although my time spent in this sweet business was rewarding, it was physically demanding and after many years I felt the need to try something new. Fortunately that happened at a time when food blogging was becoming quite popular.

I’ve always felt that my strength was in creating new food products and wished I could just spend my days in the kitchen concocting recipes and designing food gifts instead of mass-producing chocolates. Hungry Happenings allows me to do just that.

Sharing my creativity and knowledge with you and knowing you might just be inspired to get into the kitchen to make something that will bring joy into the lives of those you love, makes me incredibly happy.


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7-Up Pound Cake Autumn Leaves

7-Up Pound Cake Autumn Leaves

First you start with our fan-favorite 7 Up Pound Cake, then you tint the batter and swirl it. Once baked the pound cake is cut into autumn leaf shapes...
Apple Butter Pillow Cookies Dixie

Apple Butter Pillow Cookies

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy apple butter filled cookies. These delicious Apple Butter Pillow Cookies taste like mini pies and look adorable cut...
Apple Mousse Dixie

Apple Mousse

Planning a fall party? This creamy Apple Mousse sprinkled with cinnamon or nutmeg makes a delicious treat. Although this dessert has warm cozy flavors...
Banana Split Bars

Banana Split Bars

Hot days call for Banana Split Bars. Enjoy this fun summer dessert with a vanilla wafer crust and layers of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice...

Beer Mug Cake

Raise a pint to dad (or the beer lover in your life) with this whimsical Beer Mug Cake. Moist yellow cake is shaped into a beer mug and topped with...
Black Forest Truffles Dixie

Black Forest Truffles

Enjoy the flavors of a Black Forest Cake in a bite-sized candy. These dark chocolate Black Forest Truffles are flavored with brandied cherries and are...
Blueberry Cream Cheese Windmills Dixie

Blueberry Cream Cheese Windmills

You'll be blown away by how easy these pretty Blueberry Cream Cheese Windmills are to make. Filled with a combination of sweetened cream cheese and...
Brownie Brittle Dixie

Brownie Brittle

If you like the edges of brownies, this recipe is for you! Crispy crunchy Brownie Brittle makes a great snack that will fulfill your chocolate...

Brownie Chalkboard

Send your kids back to school with a smile. Make them a chalkboard that they can eat! This decadent brownie topped with gooey chocolate ganache is...
Bunny Bum Chocolate Coconut Cream Cheese Ball dixie

Bunny Bum Chocolate Coconut Cream Cheese Ball

Kids will have a hopping good time when they devour this adorable Easter treat! Chocolate cream cheese is rolled in coconut and adorned with a fluffy...
Calzone Footballs

Calzone Footballs

Your game day party guests will cheer for these Calzone Footballs. Made with homemade pizza crust and stuffed with three kinds of cheese and your...
Candied Orange Peel Chocolate Bark Dixi

Candied Orange Peel Chocolate Bark

Candy-coated orange peel has a robust orange flavor that pairs beautifully with dark chocolate. Just sprinkle pieces of the candied citrus peel over...

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