How to Make Easter Lamb Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Easter Lamb Carrot Cake Cupcakes Blog - Dixie Crystals

Easter is Christianity's most important holiday as it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Besides the traditional symbol of the cross, other Easter symbols include Easter eggs and baby chicks, bunnies, Easter lilies, and butterflies -- all which symbolize new life and birth.

A lamb is one of the most popular Easter symbols. It represents Jesus (the lamb of God) and relates his sacrifice. Gathering your little ewes around the kitchen table to create Easter Lamb Carrot Cake Cupcakes is a great way to make treasured Easter memories. Plus as you work together to create these meaningful treats, it opens the door to informative discussions on your family's beliefs and traditions.

Our little lambs sit atop moist carrot cupcakes. Chef Eddy chose carrot cake for the cupcake flavor for two main reasons:

  1. Carrots are high in moisture which is transferred to the final carrot cake. This small bit of added moisture keeps the cupcakes from drying out while you decorate them with fluffy marshmallow lambs.
  2. What Easter bunny doesn't love a carrot or two? And trust us, the Easter bunny won't be the only one nibbling on these treats.

After you bake the carrot cake cupcakes according to the recipe directions, you're ready to start decorating. We suggest preparing all the decoration ingredients ahead of time for easy assembly. Precut your large marshmallows and jelly beans. Tint the royal icing and green coconut. Prepare your work area with plastic sheeting or newspaper to keep the color on your Easter lambs and not on your walls, tabletops or clothing.

Once your work area is ready, watch this step-by-step tutorial video to walk you through the entire process.

We think these cupcakes would look great served on a meadow of green and flowers. Just place jars and plates of varying sizes underneath a green tablecloth. Set your cupcakes on the raised surfaces, sprinkle the area with leftover green coconut and place some fresh or fake flowers in the grass.